Okeechobee Fishing Report
Available November 29  thru May

                     Okeechobee Lake Fishing Report

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                                            Okeechobee Lake Fishing Report

The fishing on Okeechobee has been really good and Its just starting!  I have been catching
several good fish on artificial. So, the angler who doesn’t like shiner fishing can expect to do well
here on Okeechobee Lake. Of course, the fish are not on every blade of grass in the lake. An
angler will have to locate them. I hope this fishing report can save you time in locating the fish.

I have been fishing the south end of the lake the most and have caught good fish on the east and
west wall. Around Turners cove and Cochrans Pass. Also, over in the South Bay area. The
fishing has been good on artificial.

Fishing inside the grass has produced best for me on artificial. I am going in to about 1 to 1 ½
feet of water, Looking for Eel grass and reeds. Rigging a ZOOM Mag UV worm with a 1/8 Pro
Tungsten weight on Seagaurs 40 or 50 lb braid. Fishing it at a medium retrieve is producing
best. Flipping has worked well also; I am flipping a 6-inch magnum senko style bait. I am flipping
it with a 3/16-ounce Pro Tungsten weight on a Lew’s Flipping stick. I keep my drag set really
tight when flipping here on Okeechobee it will really help in getting a good hook set. With the
flipping bite I’ve been focusing on isolated grass, reeds, lily pads or buggy whips.

Don’t ignore a top water bite: In the Eel grass there’s been a good top water bite. I have done
best with it early in the morning, on cloudy days and late in the evening. This bite has been in the
shallow Eel grass. Of course, fish it on 50 lb Seagauar braid and a heavy action Lew’s 7 ft rod.
Fishing Lucky Crafts Sammy has also been good. One evening I caught several good fish on it
with the best being an 8lber!

For you guys who want to shiner fish, the morning and evening has been the best. I really
recommend the morning for the best action. Fishing the outside grass lines has been the best
with some fish being caught on the inside of the first grass line.

I guide on Okeechobee out of Clewiston Florida here at Roland Martins Resort. For guide info
on artificial trips or Shiner trips contact me at

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I guide full time on Chickamauga Lake and Lake Okeechobee, along with fishing the
BASS Master Opens.

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